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Klock Art

Artist Bio

Written by his daughter, Victoria


Hawai`i based wood worker, Keith Lock, utilizes local wood gathered from the the shores of the Pacific Ocean to the tropical rainforest floor. His pieces are formed from drift wood found on the beaches of the Big Island, wood found on the ground in various places, trees from his own yard and even scraps from other wood workers. He uses it all! All wood can have a purpose and his art shows it.


Lock from an early age showed artistic behaviors. In kindergarten he started drawing. The eight grade was his first time hand carving, though it never really sparked his passion at the time. Drawing had more of an impact so he continued to draw. You can tell it payed off by seeing his other artwork which includes printmaking, pen and ink, and graphic design. Keith only ever really grew interested in carving and woodwork in his thirty’s. By that time he was making small wooden boxes as gifts and walking sticks for his father. Keith’s talent and interest grew by the years. He refined his workmanship and deepened his woodworking passion. He now makes items such as boxes of all sizes, skateboards, furniture, and miscellaneous abstract pieces. He finally was able to make a site to sell his beautiful Hawaiian wood works and heres where we’ve ended up. Do you want to add onto the story and support his self-made business?